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Basic commands for obedience dog

Are you bored with your dog that knows only three commands? Do not worry, my friend You could probably use a little jazz. Specific command words are not that difficult and important. The thing should be here, the consistency of its use. My friend, Wiki, here can give you a little breath. Some of these commands are accepted by some standard, while others are commonly used.

Here is a list you might find quite interesting:

Let us start with the basic commands

1.) Sit – It is a mono-syllabic word that requires a bit of an authentic tone for your dog would need to be in a sitting position.

. 2) Down – As No. 1, it also requires abruptly so that the dog is usually when his elbows (feet first) and hocks (rear legs) are in contact with the ground or floor.

3.) Talon – The dog's head or shoulder is parallel to the leg Manager on the left side of the manager.

. 4) are or here – (referred to as recall) that you just really call your dog treats every order.

. 5) Stay – another command that requires another push for the dog to stay in the position sitting (sitting, lying, standing), and the location in which the order was given until it is released by the manager

These are just some of the fundamentals, but wait! Here's something for those who really are too hungry to stop. Advanced controls are following (which may require more patience and dedication):

1.) Stop – Wiki says that the dog will simply be ordered to stop everything he does, and lie down on command, no matter how far it is her guardian is a dog that can be taken anywhere. Some managers to use the German word PLATZ (related to the place, ie stay on) for this action. A bit demanding, but who knows when your dog needs.

2.) Backup – the guardians of large dogs or dogs to reputation (! A must quote) for aggression may be more comfortable with strangers, by teaching the dog to back up on command. This command could probably be very useful for police dogs.

3) -. Growl Now that's what you guys need to talk. In case you are bullied, it is Unlike the backup. Some owners teach non-aggressive dogs to growl a subtle control not the word "growl", just generally a little hand gesture a way to let strangers know that you and your dog's value to be left alone.

. 4) Steady – To keep nearby. The dog can walk free, but not rush. This can be very valuable for sporting dogs, and / or during competitions.

5) Stand -. On this command, the dog stands still. Funny how that seems so advanced, it is very valuable for "grooming". Many dogs are groomed frequently, they need to rest quietly during the process. You can also use this option if you want You expect your dog to the park, while in line for an espresso at Starbucks seven in the morning.

. 6) Go to bed, kennel, or enter – This command directs the dog to go to bed, and remain unpublished. It's sort of useful to keep a dog from under the feet, and safely in a situation of occupation or complicated.

7.) Drop or drop – To release something they just returned, very useful when they are about to chew your shoes off.

. 8) Leave – an addition to drop, leading the dog not to touch an item.

. 9) Take – the dog leaves a desired object intact until given the command.

10.) Give – an order of teaching the dog to be generous, and / or release something your pet has placed in his mouth on your hand.

11.) Speak – Another way of saying "ONLY to bark when I say that."

. 12) Roll over – may be one of the basic commands, which is when the dog is down, roll, and save. Some exercise.

. 13) Attack – if a partnership with the command "Growl" you (the owner) will be the king of your neighborhood, so often used only on police dogs. Common commands are either "attack" or "Sick'em".

. 14) Fetch – can also be one of the basic commands which the dog retrieves an object thrown back to the one who threw it, a nice strategy to lure the guard dogs (especially when they are obsessed with balls).

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